Olive Oil, gold that flows in Crete

In the era of the Minoans, people were more than familiar with the olive tree cultivation. For centuries the Mediterraneans could not deny the nutritional (as a seasoning), aesthetic (as a cosmetic), pharmaceutical(as a healing for wounds, burns and parched body) and other olive properties ( like lighting, lubrication and timber). Thanks to its unparalled nutritional value, olive oil has won a place among the 10 healthiest foods on the planet. It can help you prevent chronic diseases and offers you a defense mechanism to fight the aging process and cancer. Creates a protection shield against infection, inflammation and liver failure. Acts as an invigorator for the cardio-vascular, digestive, nervous and musculoskeletal system.

<pJouktas, the sacred Minoan mountain, keeps a watchful eye on the golden liquid being cultivated at his foot. The cultivation takes place in privately-owned olive groves from highly qualified partners. The design of our own official label was all that was left.

It is called Minoa Gi (Minoan land) to be in complete harmony with the scenery, nature and the history behind them.